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    Staff and Volunteer Open Positions


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    Staff and Volunteer Open Positions

    Post by Admin on Sun Aug 06, 2017 11:37 am

    We are always looking for creative individuals to expand the meaning of what it means to be a gamer. Check back here or on many of our social media pages for updates on current positions and how to apply.

    Currently: Voluntary; Referee's, Trainers, Media editors, Streamers, Forum Moderators

    We are looking for individuals who are self motivated, love games, understand other players, those who discourage toxic interactions online, have a good general knowledge of the position of which they are applying, some background work either online through internet projects or hobby projects, or in a education institution like school or trade school, have a drive for more, and a desire to become a part of something great for the gaming industry.

    • Referee: Duties include; standing in on scheduled tournament games, disputing in game conflicts, have an intuitive understanding of the game being played as well as knowing or being aware of any current exploits that may be used during a tournament or event, check Complaint Log and aid in responding to inquires or following up with unfinished cases.

    • Trainers: Duties include; teaching new players the basics to the advanced on new or current tactics, methods, etc of games being played, assist during team training weeks, come up with new ideas on current games and ways to play the game from how to's to intuitive strategy guides.

    • Media Editors: Duties include; coming up with new ideas and media to be used on all social media platforms as well as website and forum pages, be knowledgeable in the realms of copy-write and know how to not break any applicable laws as such, listen to current media platforms for any crowd changes as well as coming up with ideas on how to change any negative models

    • Streamers: Duties include; consistent stream time, player to player interaction during streams in the form of live games or chat.  

    • Forum Moderators: Duties include; checking proper page functionality, come up with new ideas to help improve the current forum as well as possible changes to social media pages, aid in basic Q&A from admin's, moderators, current staff, new members, and existing members, have a understanding of the functions of the forum page.

    We understand that there is no reason to follow our formula or registration process to be a streamer, or to make a tips and tricks video. The reason we are interested in having individuals step forward, is so that we may be able to reach out to them in the future with us having prior connections with. In other words we simply would like to get to know you and work with you one on one, in doing so we belive we can create a more comprehensive program that everyone could love too.

    [There are no paid for positions at this time please check back here and on our social media pages for more details and updates]

    To apply for any of these positions simply use the following format and insert the relevant information. Send this information to the current staff manager titled "Volunteer/Staff Application" & "Your User Name" ___________. You should receive a response in as little as one week. The more detailed the better

    • Name:

    • Today's Date:

    • Age:

    • Position applying to:

    • Availability (i.e. Mon-Fri 4pm-6pm EST)

    • Tell us about you: (Likes, daily activities, hobbies, etc)

    • Qualifications:(What makes you qualified? Things you've done, jobs you've had, projects you love?)

    All participants are subject to our terms of service as well as any applicable or relevant information provided by our current staff. Upon approval, candidates are subject to any changes in terms of service and how they may be affected by them. All participants and candidates maintain the right to their privacy as well as all applicable laws relevant to state or federal standard.

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