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    Introductions are in Order


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    Introductions are in Order

    Post by Admin on Thu Jun 22, 2017 2:20 pm

    To whom it may concern;study

    Hello and welcome to West Coast Konnections forum. My name is John aka Johnnersjocolor , I am an Admin and Co-developer of West Coast Konnections.
    A brief background & history: I am 24 years old, work part time for a shipping company, that will remain unnamed, and I love video games. Like many of my gaming friends, I started playing games young, and had the amazing opportunity to play some of the classic consoles and games which have been left to time and better graphics. I play a little of everything from Call of Duty to League of Legends, but spent the majority of my time playing RPG style or adventure style games like Final Fantasy and Super Mario. Outside of my games I love outside! Living in the heart of the Northern region I have the opportunity to go to all sorts of climates and conditions, Tahoe to Santa Cruz. Family is important, friends are as well, but as of late a lot of my efforts have been put into this new idea that you are getting to explore and try yourself. Favorite food is Indian, favorite sport is Paintball, favorite color varies year to year this year it is green again, and my favorite animal is a dog. I live with my lovely fiance and our two dogs and two rats.
    This has been the first time in a while that I have posted something online, that is to a forum at least so bear with my mind wandering as I type this out:bom: . My vision is to watch video games take a seat at the "generally accepted" table, that is to say I would like to one day see gaming available in more schools across the U.S.. I would like to help clean up our local lake Berryessa and make it a fun place to hang out with your pets as well. I would like to one day create a non profit organization that helps pay for kids to go to school, eat, and live their life. I would also like it, if this was made by the gamers, to show that it is so much more than playing with friends, playing the big game, watching the world series, but its about the things we move and shake with the actions we take. Us as gamers have an amazing dynamic and that is why I believe we are the ones to make this difference.
    So again welcome, it was nice meeting you
    and have fun! bounce

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