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    How to Register


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    How to Register

    Post by Admin on Mon Jun 05, 2017 4:59 pm

    Fill in the bellow form with your information filled in the correct spaces.
    Please note that once you post into a current tournament, event, game, or otherwise; please do not post a duplicate, a moderator will fill your information and you will receive a response via contact information provided. Please exclude the bracket information when posting " [   ] "

    • Tournament/Event (_______)

    • Event i.d.#(_______) [This is found on the Tournament/Event post]

    • Participant(s)(_______) [Gamer tag, forum name, etc.]

    • Preferred Start Time(_______) [We try to coordinate the best general time for all players during matches]

    • Authentication#(_______) [This information is sent privately to you for invite specific tournaments, if this dose not apply please insert "N/A"]

    • Preferred Method of Contact (_______) [Email, Message, or Discord service, etc. No phone numbers please

    Prizes range from cash, to event tickets, to custom gear and tech. All prizes will be stated day of event post.
    Collecting prize money will be done through PayPal, cashiers check, or money order. Private information being kept safe is important to us, please do not send personal information through this site at any time. You will be contacted and given a private number to reach our headquarters in California. If you have a preferred method, we would like to accommodate your request. Please note, prizes are paid out in U.S. Dollars $ and no other form of currency will be provided in exchange. No prizes are currently payable outside of the U.S. (If you have a teammate in another country it will be a captains responsibility for payment after West Coast Konnections pays out to the captain) [sorry for the inconvenience]

    Paid for events will be hosted on a different page.(there are no paid for games at this time)

    As a friendly reminder, please keep sensitive information to yourself and never share it with anyone on the forums.

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