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    Content Contest is HERE


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    Content Contest is HERE

    Post by Admin on Mon Aug 21, 2017 12:51 pm


    Do you play games? Do you create your own videos or live stream? Funny gaming moments? Maybe you upload to Youtube?

    Send us your most memorable gaming moments and you could win!

    Here at West Coast Konnections, we have devised a contest starting August 31, 2017 and running until November 30, 2017.
    Send us your gameplay to be featured on our social media pages
    Winners will receive a $100 Amazon Gift Card, and/or  a chance to compete in the 2018 West Coast Konnections Invitational Tournament(s)!

    You may submit multiple times only qualifications are; (a) it must be video game related (b) your personal content, and (c) does not infringe on or violate any copyright laws. You may refer to our Terms of Service for any questions or concerns. Note to participate in this contest, you must be a registered member of the West Coast Konnections forum page and all registered members agree to any Official Rules that are posted for any Event, Tournament, Contest, or Raffle.

    To Enter;
    1.)Sign Up and join the forum community
    2.)Send either Youtube link or MP4 of your video in a quality minimum of 720p 30fps
    3.)Follow the form below and email to wckonnections.supp@gmail.com (our support line)

    Your personal information will not be disclosed at any time and is only to be used for maintaining contact with person(s) entering the contest. Refer to our Official Rules listed below. Please refrain from emailing personal information to anyone on the forum.
    Your home address information may be needed if selected as a potential winner for receiving prizes, a Declaration of Compliance and Release for Contest Rules Form must be signed and submitted prior to awarding of prizes. A representative will contact you regarding this matter should you be selected. Refer to our Official Rules listed below for more details.

    • Email Title:( insert Contenders Contest followed byYour Name

    • Your Legal First and Last Name:

    • Prefered Method of Contact(Enter in a working phone number or email address)

    • Your Name/Gamertag/Online Name:

    • Your Forum Name:

    • Name of Game/Title:

    • Platform Played:

    • Name of your Video:(if you have one or put N/A and continue to fill out description of your content)

    • Description of your Video:

    • Any other Notes:(anything you would like to additionally comment on, question, or have any concerns with please leave them here and we will respond on our forum.)

    Please note material submitted may be used on our Forum website, Facebook page, and Youtube account. Any submissions agree to our Official Rules as well as our Terms of Service.

    Official Rules

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