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    Welcome Message

    Post by Admin on Wed Aug 09, 2017 12:07 pm

    Hello and Welcome to West Coast Konnections forum page!

    My name is Johnners and I would like to personally say hey! WCK is a group of gamers looking to create another gaming family.
    Focused on the love of video games, we have a passion to play, win, and most important have fun. Some of us play to create guides, tips and tricks, some of us play for the competition, whatever your style we want to have an open arms community for you to come and expand into the gaming world.
    For those of you who seek a challenge we offer free to play tournaments with all sorts of prizes ranging from cash, limited edition swag, and much more.
    So please feel free to roam around the page and explore. We will be posting new content here, as well as our many social media pages including, Facebook, Instagram (behind the scenes content), Twitter, Twitch, and more soon to come.

    And welcome to the West Coast Way!

    Any questions, comments, concerns please feel free to leave a post in our Q&A section and a representative will be likely to answer as soon as possible.
    here is where you can find our Q&A

    For more information on who we are click here for more details.

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